Marius Grobbelaar, Energy Control Systems, Africa Manager

Marius Grobbelaar, Energy Control Systems, Africa Manager

Transients, spikes, and surges are the most destructive, costly and common power quality disturbances in all major and minor industrial sectors today. In the United States in general and Africa in particular, these disturbances represent billions of dollars a year in unwanted maintenance and lost production costs due to transient activity and interruptions. Virtually, over the past years all equipment have become increasingly microprocessor based, such failures are more recurrent and more costly.

Most affected electronic control systems can be found at water treatment facilities, traffic control systems, , automated industrial process plants, data processing centers, communication systems, mines, utilities, financial centers, UPS’s, point of sale terminals, among others. The resulting consequences from these failures in these delicate circuits can, in many cases, be devastating.

However these non-destructive cumulative disruptions, known as transients, cause massive disruptions in the manufacturing & mining sectors. The trend is to focus on the catastrophic occurrences and ignore the constant day to day transients.

It is therefore, critical to invest in protective systems in order to mitigate the damages caused by transients. By the fact that these damages can occur at any time in various ways, such as during a thunderstorm, electrical system failure, switching transients, Industrial neighbors, etc makes the investment in SineTamer products a must, as they will cut annual electronic and or electrical maintenance costs and provide the benefits of return on investment that ranges from 15-25 years.

SineTamer, as an engineered solution designed for the ultra sensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor based devices, encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system, with a service life span far in excess of the 25 year warranty period based on calculated data collected from field use.

According to Marius Grobbelaar, Energy Control Systems, Africa Manager, the technology utilized in SineTamer products, is the differentiator and the ultimate guarantee of the industry, because it has long been realized that if an efficient process could be found for dissipating the heat from the electronics within the TVSS, the electronics could be protected, hence providing an extended life for the surge suppression device.

Therefore, this new type of transient voltage surge suppression, Marius explains, incorporates technology from both electronic and chemical sciences. It is engineered with an electronic hybrid network design in combination with a complex solidified chemical compound having high heat dissipation properties as well as overcall overvoltage protection and energy absorption. The use of a chemical compound having these properties overcomes the problem of electronic component deterioration. This is achieved by an interaction between the electronic network and the chemical compounds in a thermal conversion process.

After several years of being an independent distributor of suppressed devices and providing quality products and services, in 2003, with a team of professionals with broad experience in the design, development and implementation of high quality internationally recognized suppressors, Energy Control Systems International worked diligently to design SineTamer.

The utilization of qualified design engineers, plus their hard work and dedication, all contributed to a rapid growth and allowed Energy Control Systems to position themselves as industry leaders. Thus, through patience and effort, SineTamer has increasingly become the preferred line of suppressors achieving significant results in all segments of the economy such as oil & gas, petroleum, manufacturing, telecommunications, medical, mining, defense and trade.

In addition, Marius emphasized, we consistently and effectively improve the profitability, reliability and operation performance of all electrical and electronic equipment by reducing downtime and failures of these systems through effective elimination of destructive voltage transients with the coordinated installation of SineTamer systems, as reductions in electronic maintenance have been documented to attain 80% in many locations, installations and situations.

Furthermore, our mission of protecting electronic infrastructure is what motivates us to continue reaching out around the world, he says, with an active distribution network in over 40 countries, SineTamer systems are currently installed in over 60 countries. Hence, from continuous distributor training, client visits, global trade fair participation and presenting research papers, our mantra continues to be ‘do your homework and protect your investment in the 21st century equipment with the application of a 21st surge protection.

There is no doubt that quality power is needed in all economic sectors in Africa, Energy Control Systems, not only provides a competitive position all the way from large corporations to the smallest business, but also comprehensive protection chains against the devastating effects of transients, surge and lightning as well as   against loss of opportunity, because lost profits increase costs which has a direct impact on company success.

Therefore, safeguarding critical systems is not only a wise precaution, it may even become a competitive advantage, and due to that and many other reasons, using SineTamer systems is not only an option but a necessity.