Reactore Solutions design and develop innovative software applications that resolve business challenges, create efficiencies, promote insights and fulfil objectives.


Reactore is a modular ERP system for the mining industry that is uniquely able to integrate with all major software and hardware systems in use at the majority of mines.  The solution is written with Scala, a future proof reactive technology, facilitating a platform for real time data flow for proactive operations management, including scheduling of operations and resources as well as effective planning.

Established in 2013, Reactore Solutions has been researching individual mining businesses and global sector requirements for the development of bespoke technology solutions to leverage all of the benefits of the next industrial revolution – the digital age. As the mining sector is currently focused on rationalising the resource, streamlining operations and reducing operational costs, it makes sound business sense that they should consider options that improve productivity and the overall workflow of business.


Typically mines have a value chain configured across a variety of independent resource and production information systems. This is problematic as it often requires working with non-uniform, often incomplete data and having to make timely manual interventions whilst trying to make informed manual decisions. Poor systems integration, working with isolated data views and a general lack of real time data reporting has made it difficult for mining companies to effectively manage and improve operations.


Globally, mining relies heavily on a variety of systems to ensure safety, production and ultimately, profitability. Up until recently, however, there has been no single technology offering that could be used across all business domains, including human resources management, asset maintenance, facility management, mining operations management, mine planning and budgeting, assets and personnel tracking, collision avoidance, health and safety, and legislative compliance. This is where the Reactore modular ERP mining software solution comes in.


Whilst ERP systems are not new in the mining industry, the mining value chain requires mine specific systems to be implemented to achieve the best possible gains.

ERP systems replace and/or integrate with multiple systems to provide a holistic solution with modules that talk to each other and exchange data meaningfully. In this cohesive environment, data can be cross referenced to provide much needed context, insight and operational awareness. Good ERP’s are also scalable with scope for new functionality and can grow with a business’s evolving needs.


ERP design is based on best practice business processes and adopting such a solution would reflect in the way operations are undertaken, with potential gains in productivity and cost reduction via improved resource and process management.


Accessing data in the field is another major benefit. The value of having access to real time data in the field, thanks to modern distributed ERP’s which are accessible on mobile platforms, cannot be underestimated considering that key decision makers and pivotal users will not be desk bound at all times.


Implementation is key to realise the potential benefits that an ERP can offer and a willingness to assess and improve business processes is often required. One way of looking at it – and indeed this is a critical paradigm shift, is that implementing an ERP solution should not be viewed as software procurement but rather an investment in an improved way of conducting business. This may be a fairly lengthy process with implementation and the change management process sometimes taking months to put into place effectively, but once implemented the benefits of improved productivity, cost cutting through efficiency and risk mitigation will make it hard to make a case against why an ERP should not at least be considered for most mining operations.


Reactore integrates with third-party hardware and software for a complete 360°, real time view of a mines operations and performance. Reactore’s ERP has been designed and developed with the key input of subject matter exerts and stakeholders in the industry which has allowed it to design and develop a fit-for-purpose mining resource management, production planning and scheduling software solution that can easily integrate with third party systems already in place. This has ensured that the solution addresses real challenges and requirements faced by the industry with an offering for the entire mining value chain.


The suite of Reactore Applications has no geographical boundaries and offers full multi-lingual support and is flexible in that it can accommodate regional legislative requirements.


Extensibility and customisability are key cornerstones of Reactore’s solution offering as the application is highly configurable and scalable according to individual operations unique requirements, irrespective of commodity type or mining method.


Besides its software solution, Reactore Solutions offers operational audit and analysis, detailed analysis reports (technical and business), implementation and configuration recommendations, underground communications solutions, bespoke system design and development and stems integration. All Reactore deployments are accompanied by full on-site training, data migration services and dedicated 24/7/365 support.