Without welding technology there would be no container ships, oil platforms, cars, agricultural equipment, pipelines and many other types engineered products and structures. Only reliable bonding of metals can implement technical ideas. However, each different material is accompanied by its own specific challenges and properties which through welding become something new. It’s all about the welding seam! Long lasting safety is determined by the quality of the welding equipment and the capability of the welder.

A proud and respected global organization dating back some 70 years, the ABICOR BINZEL brand stands for a constant presence in the market for innovative, reliable, quality welding and cutting torches and periphery.

Devoted Specialist
Founded in 1945, Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmBh & Co.KG has focused its efforts solely on the optimization of the welding process with the welding torch, acting as the interface between man and technology.
This has not changed to this day. In the mean time, ABICOR BINZEL has become the world’s leading specialist in torch technology and concentrates solely on the development and manufacture of welding and cutting torches as well as peripheral equipment systems.

Additionally, Alexander Binzel S.A. (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 1990 to serve the South African market. Since its inception, it has been operating from its premises in Ophirton, Johannesburg and distributes its products through appointed distributors nationally, despite its small operation, its large in terms of what it does for its customers.

“We are a customer service-based organization, Managing Director, Rajen Moodley confirms, customer satisfaction and customer benefits are the center point of our business. We strive to offer our distributors exceptional service and products that they are confident and proud to attach their names to, thus, “We are authorized distributors for ABICOR BINZEL”. We sell quality equipment backed by an unequalled service experience. Almost all orders received are delivered within 24 hours ex stock. We also offer a full repair facility for all our products. We are proud to be of service to the South African welding industry for the past 25 years.”

Extensive Product Range
For almost every type of material, components and welding tasks there is a torch for optimal welding results. Whether gas or liquid cooled, for manual, semi or fully automated applications, as well as for robotic welding ABICOR BINZEL has the right product for the job. Many of its product developments have become international standards, for example the central adapter and central connector system developed in 1973 and now throughout the world known as the Euro-central adaptor. It is therefore no surprise that many competitors have tried over the years to emulate the quality products in the ABICOR BINZEL range.

Being ahead
There is nothing that cannot be improved, emphasized Rajen, approximately 40 development engineers are currently working on innovative and individual solutions in their own welding technological laboratory where the equipment is surely unique within their branch. With the support of 3D CAD they design programmes as well as modern processing for visualization of gas currents, this is resulting in the trailblazing developments of the best possible torch designs, ergonomically exemplary torch handles and components for the automatic welding technology. The designed products are put through the toughest practical tests leading to constant advancement of the products. Numerous patents registered by ABICOR BINZEL are testimony to this technological superiority. We strive to be the forerunners in technological trends and innovative design.

Quality in every aspect
German engineering and highly qualified staff utilize the latest production equipment and technology to provide a guarantee of quality. The production plants are located in the headquarters in Buseck, Germany and are supported by other facilities in Dresden, Germany, USA, Brazil, India, China and Russia. The product quality comes to a completion through a transparent organisation, world-class customer services and excellent reliability.

At home in every industry
Whenever a clean and safe welding process is required, ABICOR BINZEL torches are those of choice for a variety of welding-jobs, such as: ship building, pipeline construction, construction of large chemical plants, earth-moving and other construction equipment and installations for robotic welding in the automobile industry, as well as complicated welding tasks in aluminium fabrication and many more.

At work across the world

As a global player the ABICOR BINZEL group is represented in over 50 countries, with over 1000 employees worldwide and is one of the world’s leading companies in welding and cutting technology.

Orientation towards the future
The clear confirmation of branding policy, permanent strength of innovative power and international focus encapsulate the future-oriented business strategy of the ABICOR BINZEL Group. Strong contacts to end-users, welding distributors, original equipment manufacturers, universities and research institutes as well as co-operation with many committees lead to mutual know-how transfer, which will contribute positively towards future development. All this following the credo “don’t follow the trend, dictate it!”.