Some of the most renowned building structures, well-known oil refineries and oil drilling operations, deepest mines, biggest water treatment plants and largest power generation facilities in the world have achieved their iconic status with the help of Victaulic innovations, because inside them Victaulic grooved mechanical pipe joining systems have been quietly holding pipes together for decades.

The vision for joining pipe with bolted mechanical couplings, “Victaulic Pipe Joint” emerged in World War I. Its original purpose was designed mainly for military applications but quickly gained popularity in other commercial and industrial markets. After the war, it occurred to the inventors that the Victaulic coupling was equally applicable to general commercial use for conveyance of water, oil, and other liquids, hence gaining acceptance in providing mechanical piping systems for services such as large water supply lines, oil field piping, and mine piping.

In the present day, Victaulic specializes in the manufacturing and development of couplings, valves, fitting technologies, sprinkler system technologies for HVAC, plumbing, mechanical piping joining systems and fire protection equipment for a variety of the most demanding market industries including mining, Oil, Gas, chemical, maritime, general industrial applications, water and wastewater, custom castings, power generation, and oilfield operations.

Victaulic products are built to strict durability international standards, Barry van Jaarsveld, Victaulic Africa Regional Manager  explains,  with natural and recycled resources using lean, responsible sustainable manufacturing casting processes that include up to 90% recycled materials, 100% recycled sand and a no-flame joining method that reduces emissions of particulate matter. In fact, each year, the use of Victaulic products eliminates more than 150 metric tons of particulate matter from entering the atmosphere – equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road for a month.

Victaulic  couplings  not only have  a  unique  proprietary design and use gaskets constructed    from  synthetic engineered polymers, whose chemical formulation and  processing  techniques  are  unique  and  optimised  for long life, but also  permit  controlled pipe  movement within  the  couplings while    maintaining  a positive seal and a self-restrained joint. The design allows for expansion, contraction and deflection generated by thermal changes, building or ground settlement and seismic activity.

Since Victaulic couplings are not rigidly affixed to the pipe, unlike welded, flanged or threaded joints, the couplings minimise noise and vibration transmission generated by pumps or other equipment to the piping system.

In addition, van Jaarsveld articulates, the elastomeric gasket within each coupling and the pipe end gap attenuate system vibration.   Its construction enables the gasket to maintain a leak-tight seal against the pipe, while dampening the system vibration. The ductile iron housing fully encompasses the gasket and provides the pipe joint’s mechanical strength and movement characteristics. The use of additional Victaulic couplings throughout the piping system, whether flexible or rigid types, further reduces the transmission of vibration.

Due to immense pressure to contain rising costs, most demanding industries still have a widely held perception that pipe-coupling technology can be used only on a temporary basis, however, Victaulic offers a permanent and much more safer cost-effective alternative, because its pipe-joining solutions offer an alternative to using flanges or welding to connect piping systems as no hot works are required, thus reducing labour costs, pollution, energy usage, potential health and safety risks as well as drastically reducing the time necessary to install and maintain these connections.

As the pioneer of mechanical pipe joining, Victaulic was founded on an idea that replaced the flames and fumes of welding with a cleaner, safer alternative, since Victaulic mechanical piping systems are accessible simply by removing two bolts from a coupling, so it is easier to maintain efficient system performance.

So much has changed in the pipe systems market over the last few decades, van Jaarsveld acknowledges, we are proud to have developed these patented technologies and are excited to constantly introduce products that last up to three times longer than the current designs, so we expect businesses with demanding applications to take on board trusted  familiar companies and products when conducting projects, because Victaulic has a global proven record when it comes to innovative piping technologies and services that put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.

Using Victaulic technology as the standard pipe joining method in any industry in Africa has unparalleled benefits including, reduced maintenance times, improved installation productivity, reduced energy consumption, design flexibility, reduced material handing, seismic stress absorption and easy alignment, eliminating costly fire watch and hazardous fumes and flames, reduced noise and vibration, reduced labor costs, also withstanding Africa’s toughest environments.

Victaulic’s sales force and tradition of product innovation have been key to its success and we strongly believe that we can compete effectively in servicing customers in Africa, van Jaarsveld avows.

So far the pipe-coupling manufacturer has supplied products to and completed a number of piping systems projects in different countries in Africa, including South Africa, Gabon, Namibia, Kenya and has trained Victaulic products installers in Mali, Botswana, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso among others.

As a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, involved with BREEAM- a leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings as well as other international initiatives, Victaulic is not only committed to providing the highest quality products that meet international standards, but are also committed to ensuring that customers have access to industry leading educational resources that empower the communities were they operate.