Sinetamer: Second to none in Downtime prevention

Compiled by Chege Moses Kasaija

The advent of the digital age and the unparalleled deployment of everything digital has given significant rise in the awareness of and need for a performance designed surge protection device. With total costs of downtime across the spectrum of industry ranging in the $280 per second category, the need for the protection of the electronic infrastructure is paramount.

Successful implementation of 21st century technology demands attention in the arena of electrical systems and technology, much of which has seen little change since the 1970’s.  The field of electrical power quality and more specifically lightning and transient surge protection holds the key to obtaining full benefit of the electronic equipment that companies today invest in that are designed to make them more profitable.  Yesterday’s designs are insufficient to protect today’s electronics.

Electronic control systems can be found at water treatment facilities, traffic control systems, point of sales (POS) terminals, automated industrial process plants, air traffic control systems, data processing centres, communication systems, radio base stations of cellular phone companies, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, financial centres, UPS’s, and all manner of military defence systems. The consequences resulting from failures in these delicate circuits can, in many cases, be devastating.

Transient voltage surge suppression can offer excellent results in helping reduce electrical failure and repair expenses in commercial and industrial facilities. As education increases in maintenance of microprocessor based equipment, so does the awareness of the need for surge suppression. The necessity of protecting equipment from damaging transients is now becoming more commonplace throughout cost conscious, maximum production oriented companies.

Surprising to many, it is not the catastrophic surge events from lightning or utility companies that create software confusion and downtime. Therefore up to 99% of all other surge protection devices are ineffective in addressing such events.  Only the Frequency Attenuation Network found in the Sinetamer® products can effectively reduce or eliminate often up to 80% of the causes of all electrical/electronic equipment failures experienced by entities around the world.

The best product in a “Real World”

As a global company with over 25 years of experience in the Surge Protection Devices and electrical power quality industry, Energy Control Systems is proud to offer the industry’s most complete and capable line of high quality Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) for Industrial, Commercial and Defence applications. These high quality, ISO 9001 manufactured devices carry up to a 25 year guarantee against all electrical failures and covers the full range of applications for AC/DC power, data, current loop, and telecommunications applications from 5V DC to 7200V AC and are currently installed in almost 50 countries, with a well-trained distributor network which includes regions throughout South America, Central America, North Central America, Africa, Europe and on-going negotiations in other Asia/Pacific and Middle Eastern regions.


SineTamer® is one of the best performing commercially available suppressors on the market today. Offering features such as “Discrete All Mode Protection” in other words: “True suppression with protection element in all modes”. Compact design, capable of being applied into panel boards, with a high frequency conducting integrated circuit, encapsulated in a heat dissipating resin, with a true Frequency Attenuation system.

Marius Grobbelaar, Energy Control Systems, Africa Manager, explicates that SineTamer® is backed by a company of professionals in the design, development and implementation of high quality and internationally recognized surge protection systems. Our purpose, he says, is to provide our customers with individual attention thanks to the work of our engineers and of hundreds of professionals around the world who provide advisory services to technicians and engineers from many companies. As a result, they have acquired the ability to recommend and select the best alternatives for protection based on the experience, honesty and integrity of all those who form part of the SineTamer® family.

This advanced, electronic-chemical link technology gives this suppression device an unmatched service life, superior surge suppression, and a constant level of performance. Having overcome the problem of destructive heat as a result of transients, the performance specifications of the SineTamer® do not decline during its service life. The electronic components are never over stressed or over heated. The service life span for SineTamer® products is far in excess of the 25 year warranty period based on calculated data collected from in field use.

In order to mitigate the damages caused by transients, Marius counsels, it is critical to invest in the best protection systems in the real world, because investing in SineTamer® products will not only cut annual electrical and or electrical maintenance costs but will also provide the benefit of return on investment that typically ranges from 3-18 months, as these damages can occur at any time and in various ways including among others during a thunderstorm, electrical system failure, in a blackout or even by a curious squirrel stumbling into an electrical transformer.

Furthermore, Energy Control Systems provides comprehensive protection chains against the devastating effects of transients and against loss of opportunity and competitiveness, because lost profits increase costs which has a direct impact on company profitability, consequently safeguarding critical systems is not only a wise precaution, it has even become a competitive advantage, due to that, using SineTamer® is not only an option but a necessity.

Additionally, controlling transients that disrupt the software of modern equipment is essential in proactive maintenance. Systems managed with microprocessors are extremely sensitive in single phase systems which is why they require the most effective protection.

Our twenty five years of hands on real world field experience can be seen in the simplicity, functionality and user friendly design of all our products. Simply stated, these are the finest, highest quality, best performing surge suppression products available anywhere in the world today. We not only set the standard, we are the standard, Marius emphasized.

SineTamer® successes from the field

In a recent communication to the world, Jeff Edwards CEO and Founder of Energy Control Systems baptised downtime as the biggest thief of profitability, reliability and productivity that can be found in the world.

Productivity loss is a thief of profitability that can be restored and preserved by taking proper steps in securing the electronic infrastructure because it revolves around electrical power quality issues and SineTamer® addresses the foundation of these issues which is surge protection, he said.

Efficacious accounts of how SineTamer® has transformed productivity losing companies into profitable businesses are spread all over the world, be it in the banking sector, data centers, traffic control, health care, manufacturing, oil and gas, cellular base stations, utilities, etc.

A case in point is Semaforos de Barranquilla, the company in charge of the maintenance of controls in traffic light systems in Barranquilla Colombia, they had experienced a number of problems as a result of transients in the past. In the majority of the cases, the consequence was failure of the system, while in some cases these failures damaged the electronic cards of the controllers.

After installation of the Sine Tamer model ST-FSPT120-15-RJ, the cost associated with the failures and damaged cards have been reduced by 80%.

Semaforos de Barranquilla has not experienced the same type of failures since the installation of the suppressors. Any other failure to the network has been a result of a different nature.

Also, The Carey CAC customer service center presented constant voltage variations on the CFEmatic equipment. This equipment is composed of different devices that had been affected, generating malfunctions such as failures, misconfigurations and damages.

On July 1st, 2014 Sinetamer devices were installed in three CFEmatic equipment, with a trial period of 45 days from September 1st to October 15th, 2014. These suppressors are still installed, in order to reduce failures in the protected equipment.

After the installation of Sinetamer Surge Suppressors, equipment operated in a more stable way, failures were drastically reduced and visits from technical support personnel were also reduced.

Power outages impact every industry but have vastly different implications for each sector. Outages can put the lives and safety of people at risk in some verticals. For most, power outages will bring big costs and potential reputational damage. To prevent these consequences and maintain customer satisfaction, organizations across every industry can utilize UPS systems. A UPS seamlessly transitions power in the event of an outage to ensure that you can save data, gracefully shut down systems and even continue working for the battery runtime.

It’s no wonder that interest and investment in surge protection devices has increased given the risks and costs (not only to the bottom line, but also to reputation) that companies incur when downtime strikes. Companies may not be able to control the unpredictable events (weather, human error, disaster) that create disruptions and downtimes, but they can do their best to prepare for them. Surge Protection Devices can be used in all situations: from safety-intensive industries where interruptions may mean injury, to office settings where secure computing and data rely on consistent power supply.