Sudan’s gold production has increased from 73.4 tons in 2014 to 82.3 tons in 2015, Minister for Minerals said.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq al-Karori said most of this production came from the traditional mining sector (67.5 tons) while the rest has been produced by the companies.

Al-Karori said he expects gold production to go up by over 15 tons, reaching about 100 tons this new coming year, 2016.

The year will witness the start of gold production by the Russian Siberian Company and establishment of gold bourse to help in stabilization of exchange rate, contribution to the national budget and increase of the Gross Domestic Product, the minister said.

Siberian contract with the Ministry of Minerals caused a wave of inquiries due to the stunning amount of gold reserves the company announced was discovered, putting it at 46,000 tons ( market value of over $1.7 trillion).