It has become hugely important for suppliers to the mining industry to comply with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Not only do international standards have economic, societal and technological benefits but they also balance technical specifications of products and services, making the industry more efficient by breaking down barriers to international trade. Rand-air, leaders in the rental of oil-free compressors and generators highlights that an ISO certification is especially significant in providing customers with assurance of Quality management.

Rand-Air has been servicing the mining industry for the past 40 years and believes that an ISO accreditation is critical in this highly competitive and demanding sector. “Customers need to be met with the highest possible standards in terms of reliability and performance, this in turn increases customer satisfaction as well as improves the standard of health and safety. ISO is intended to assist organisations to meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements,” explains Bongani Thobela, SHEQ Manager for Rand-Air.

“A major benefit for organisations that are ISO certified is that it increases credibility with current and prospective clients as it proves that the company is committed to providing quality to its customers. This advantage reveals itself not only in the increase of customer retention, but also in heightened ability to enter new markets and the rise in customer acquisition. It is a strategic vision that serves to improve image and brand equity by ensuring that organisations are better equipped to win new opportunities in a progressively competitive global marketplace. International Standards also help to optimise operations which improves the bottom line and in turn is cost saving,” he adds.

The mining industry has become increasingly environmentally conscious and therefore it has become imperative for suppliers to help reduce the negative impact on the environment. “Having recognised this as a requirement to add to our offering, Rand-air introduced a range of oil-free compressors that are all ISO 8573 certified,” he explains.

“International Standards are tactical guidelines and tools which help companies to tackle the demanding challenges of modern business. Essentially, they ensure that business operations are efficient which increases productivity and positions companies to access new markets. Our ethos for exceeding customer satisfaction is echoed through our ISO certifications. We can see the benefit from taking part in the standard development process,” he concludes.