The RMG 5020 Gas Pressure Regulator from offers highly precise and reliable pressure reductions for a host of operations in the gas sector. The RMG 5020 improves on existing technologies with its precision grid plate design, versatile flow options and wide operational pressure range. The regulator also boasts easy in-line service and maintenance capability. With this technology designed simply for longevity, users can enjoy a range of benefits, including a small number of moving parts; high sensitivity and accuracy; precise control of set outlet pressure;  ability to handle flow variation; low maintenance requirements; and low differential pressure requirements.

In the process of fuel gas and commercial or industrial service applications, the RMG 5020 is very useful in maintaining a precise reduced outlet pressure, whilst ensuring the necessary flow to answer to demand downstream. This is a tough, reliable piece of equipment that delivers smooth operation, tight shut-off, and has a long life. Its ruggedness really contributes to overall efficiency and the bottom line with a reduction in the total cost of ownership, excellent working efficiency, its ability to meet individual operational requirements and improve reliability under all conditions.

In terms of keeping costs to a minimum, the RMG 5020 is made to drive down maintenance and repair costs at gas facilities. It is specifically configured for convenient in-line service, keeping long-term ownership costs at a low. The RMG 5020’s design means that failures are very rare and routine instrument repairs are easy to perform when necessary, making unexpected shutdowns or operational interruptions on site due to device malfunctions a thing of the past. Through Energas Technologies, Honeywell experts and certified technicians work alongside customers on all facets of product and application planning for gas pressure installations, assisting with start-up, commissioning, on-site technical support and dependable spare part assistance.