The African continent has an abundance of mineral resources which plays a huge role in the global economy.  Globally we are seeing a mining crisis, which has affected mining regions, operations, equipment manufacturers, service providers, negative economic growth, just to name a few.  Due to the many global pressures we are finding a steady decline in production and manufacturing figures.  The first step to resolving such would be Investments are required, locally and internationally for on-going profitable, successful and sustainable mining in Africa.

As these pressures continue to build on the mining industry, mine operators are pressed to identify solutions that maintain, or even, improve their bottom line. Many mines around the world are looking at their equipment and focusing on maximizing efficiency and productivity to get more with less, by partnering with one stop shop suppliers such as Invincible Valves, who are committed to doing their part to understand the global economy and supply quality products and ancillary equipment backed by service excellence and flexibility.

Established 34 years ago, Invincible Valves has since grown into a well-established organisation that supplies, distributes and repairs a comprehensive range of local and imported valves and accessories for the mining, petro-chemical, power generation, water, sewerage and general industries.

The success of Invincible Valves is due to the fact that, having successfully identified a gap in the market, they then took an innovative step and developed their own brand of valve, more commonly known as the Inval Range of butterfly, ball and non-return valves, to alleviate the stress of multiple suppliers to customers.  These are specially manufactured for Invincible Valves and readily available directly from their factory and or agents in all major centres around South Africa and service all four corners of the globe, while at the same time offering the mining and other industrial sectors, as the largest stockist in Africa a full range of Saunders, Insamcor, Cla-Val and Chainwheels products, such as Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Gate Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Non-return Valves, Pinch Valves, Pressure Reducing and Relief Valves, Actuators and all other add-on items such as positioners, switches etc.

Their strong track record in the industry over many decades esteems the trust they have built up with clients and stakeholders, how well they’ve been able to adapt the business model for ongoing success, the invaluable knowledge they’ve accumulated over the decades and the lessons they’ve learnt.

We are passionate about the mining industry and the servicing thereof, Pamela Jane du Plessis, Managing Director of Invincible Valves, explains, hence the reason for our on-going creation and innovation of industry solutions.  Our sales office is equipped to quote on any valve and ancillary requirements as well as offer technical feedback with regards to the operation and installation thereof.  We are able to offer manual and or control valves in a variety of packages.  We also offer a fully operational workshop on site for valve repairs and or reconditioning, along with that you will find a fully operational rubber lining division which rubber lines according to your specification on valves, pipes, fittings and tanks.

Additionally, price is an issue in any business, Pamela Jane Du Plessis, clarifies, with the current economic climate Invincible Valves has undertaken to look for ways to ease the financial pressure on clients because we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our products, so that proves to be our biggest daily challenge, the solution has been to create an additional range made from a lower grade of stainless steel in order to give customers options to balance quality and price to suit their specific needs, while still ensuring that customers receive a top-quality product, since compromising on service excellence is not an option.

Furthermore, in order to keep ourselves in the current market trends we engage with our stakeholders and esteemed customers to create a proactive approach to the way we do business from one day to the next.  We are ever evolving and make it a priority of our business.  Constantly assessing the risks and mitigating such is just another way we evolve on a constant basis.  Our business model makes provision to recognise achievements inside and outside of our business, giving our staff empowerment opportunities going forward.  Part of our empowerment program includes upliftment within the organisation as well as an intern program that gives disadvantages scholars an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and earn a wage whilst studying.  We partner with a number of technical schools where we offer scholarships to both girls and boys creating gender equality within our environment, this has recently earned us Top 500 status as well as being finalists in the Standard Bank Top Women Awards in the “Top Empowered Business of the Year Award” & “Businesswoman of the Year Award” categories, Pamela Jane Du Plessis, illuminates.

Armed with a five-year plan, with a new age management system with family values, under the guidance of Corporate Governance with a full board of directors being made up of two executive directors, one non-executive director and two independent directors, Invincible Valves are now implementing systems and controls which will be able to cope with the current business growth and expansion. They’re also striving for diversification within the business, expanding their markets, adding additional ancillary services and product range, directed to the mining, petro chemical, power generation, water, sewerage, gas works and general industries which will enhance customer experience and business expansion throughout Africa and beyond.

As an approved and proud supplier of quality valve products and ancillary equipment backed by service excellence to all major industries within South Africa and worldwide, Pamela Jane Du Plessis, concluded, we maintain expertise and experience across a broad spectrum of industries and applications with a wide range of products, because it’s extremely important for our business model to show that we have years of experience, and it does not only prove our commitment to the industry, but It is the combination of these values that allows us to form lasting business relationships.