As the African Mining Industry continues to experience rapid growth so too does the need to keep up with the latest and greatest products available on the market. The market is full of marking and survey paints, so how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck? Sure, there are plenty of cheaper imports available that offer just that, a cheap inferior product that’s short-lived and needs to be reapplied too many times. Unfortunately saving money doesn’t always mean fewer expenses and frustrations. A simple marking and identifying task can take double the time if using low quality products that predictably clog and spit. On the other hand, using a higher quality marking paint can provide highly visible and long-lasting marks even in dark areas.

Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking and Mine Marking Non-Flammable aerosols have been specifically designed for use in mines and excavation sites; with both products available in horizontal and inverted (trigger) formats. The horizontal format is suited for spraying rock walls and faces, whilst the inverted (trigger) format is suitable for marking on the ground and on mine ceilings. Dy-Mark Mine Marking is widely recognised as a quality product and has been used for marking out ore zones in grading control, pit walls and survey grid layouts. Mine Marking Non-Flammable marking paint is specifically designed for use in coal mines and other fire sensitive situations.

Both Dy-Mark Mine Marking and Dy-Mark Mine Marking Non-Flammable have proved to be popular in mines throughout Africa, Australia, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea. Mine Marking and Mine Marking Non-Flammable have been formulated to give bright, highly visible marks, ideal for dark mining environments. Both paints will mark on rock, dirt, gravel, asphalt, and other surfaces.

Formulated to be as tough as its environment Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking Paints overcome the exceptional darkness and distance factors faced in mining. Specially engineered with the market’s needs in mind Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking paint delivers an easy to use, highly visible and long-lasting product.
Not only has Dy-Mark developed these distinct marking paints but has also brought to the market an extendable Mine Marking Handle, suitable for use with both Mine Marking and Mine Marking Non-Flammable vertical cans. Specifically designed for marking mine ceilings, this three-part handle extends up to five metres. Available in lightweight aluminium, the Mine Marking handle is constructed to reach inaccessible areas. Reducing back strain and fatigue, the Mine Marking Handle is becoming a welcomed product in mines across Africa.

With over 50 years of experience, Dy-Mark has become one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of a range of specialised marking, coating, and packing products. The Dy-Mark range includes marking paints and inks, protective metal coatings, marking pens and aerosol lubricants and cleaners. These products are widely used in several industries, both in Africa and internationally. Dy-Mark offers a complete solution for all your mine marking needs with convenient, easy to use and high-quality products. Built to last, Dy-Mark’s Mine Marking range features the products of choice if you’re after quality products that are just as tough as their environment