Made for Africa Fleet Management Solutions

Lately, Africa has been heralded as the next frontier of business development, increasingly, local and international businesses are eyeing the continent’s prospects with a view to setting up shop. This expansion awakens the need for fleet management suppliers with large global footprints, solid reputations and an affinity for doing business in Africa, despite its unique challenges, quirks and opportunities. Having a single solutions provider for all their asset tracking needs is imperative for businesses expanding on the continent.

A recent research study highlights that fleet management systems can raise a company’s fleet productivity and vehicle utilization by 10-15% and 15-20% respectively and reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%, idle time by 20-30%, miles driven by 5-10% and overtime by 10-15%, because they are easily scalable and can deliver these results for fleets of all types and sizes. Whether they run a service business with 10 or fewer vehicles, a countrywide public department with thousands of cars, heavy mine or construction machinery, trucks, and in-field assets, or anything in between, they can control costs while operating their entire fleet more efficiently.

Technology has changed the way people communicate and do business with each other, it is therefore imperative to be aware that the fleet tracking technology a company acquires today may be quickly overtaken by the technology of tomorrow. The fleet management partner must be able to provide new technology and upgrades, a supplier/partner whose vehicle tracking products and services meet specific requirements, are reliable, well established, and offer good support at the right price. And that’s Digicell.

Digicell has notched up more than 14 years in business, built an impressive network of over 115 active franchise operations across South Africa and plan to double this capacity in the next five years.

Digicell have recently updated its Digit FMS brand product solution offering the industry a comprehensive fleet and fuel control system enabling the fleet owner to take control of their business through tracking and monitoring. Solutions include; DFuel and DBowser that provide real time fuel levels from supply to consumption; DCam and AI systems allows continuous visibility of a driver, goods and assets activity in transit; DTemp is a nice add-on to monitor mobile temperature in the cold chain; AJAX security systems for Office, yard and activity control. Finally the Cut out option available on any tracking system provide fleet owners and distributors with a degree of peace-of-mind.

We stand out from ordinary fleet management companies in that we offer solutions that are relevantly marched to the needs of the market and appropriately priced, Digicell founder and CEO Rordon Cowley  articulates, We don’t dictate what service the customers must get, but rather work around their business needs, to stay ahead of their competitors.

A proudly South African concept, Digicell provides a full spectrum of digital solutions for the logistics, trucking and consumer market to reduce loss or mitigate risk, while its high-end technology offers superb quality hardware ranging from Mobile DVR systems to allow video recording and live streaming of vehicles, drivers and occupants.

The product range has also been extended to include the renowned DFuel system which is a comprehensive fuel measuring solution that monitors fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities, to control and reduce fuel theft. It is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24 hours a day, with updates arriving at your desktop within mere seconds after being measured.

Additionally, Rordon Cowley explains, with most fleet management products you get the standard features like speed, direction, location, temperature, but we specialise in featuring a live fuel value, updated every few seconds while the vehicle is driving because with our fuel management system you will not only have more accurate delivery values but have the precise log of the quantity of fuel that was dispensed for each vehicle. You can even see monthly usage to do predictions of when refills have to be scheduled and you don’t have to be on site to do this, hence making managing vehicles easier for the fleet manager.

The Fleet and fuel management system we offer is so popular in many countries that we are looking for representatives all over the world, Rordon Cowley reveals, as it is the only vehicle tracking and fleet management service provider of its kind and size in South Africa that offers services to its clients through independently owned branches, with the franchisor only acting as the supplier of the technology.

The Digit franchise is perfect for entrepreneurial-minded individuals that have an interest in the automotive industry and a fair grasp of current technology with a desire to stay ahead, as it is a business that has a solid future, continues to evolve, keeps up with changing trends and market developments and Digit dealers have access to three income streams; profits on hardware sales, installation costs and annuity income from monthly subscriptions.

Digicell intends to introduce five more independent products and is extending its’ marketing efforts to grow the brand and customer base. It plans to increase its’ server and IT infrastructure with more than R10m investment in the next 12 months alone.

Multiple mini-training conferences will be hosted in each province to launch new products, to assist with development, and to help grow each branch.
Digit also plans to expand into the rest of Africa and beyond, and to offer Master License opportunities in East and West Africa. There are opportunities for anyone who has the appetite for a new and rewarding challenge and we welcome anyone wishing to enjoy the opportunities at hand, Rordon Cowley, bids.

Digicell is continuously innovating with a strong focus on emerging markets with Fleet and fuel management solutions embedded in its core systems that brings you long-term solid benefits. From small individual cars to heavy machinery, they are here to provide you with tools to secure your assets and give you control of your daily operations in your hand.