A leading provider in the mining, construction, agriculture, marine and industrial sectors in Southern Africa and Africa, Probe IMT has built a reputation on a comprehensive range of premium OEM products and integrated solutions to enhance productivity and safety. Investing in technologies to make traditional processes smarter, Probe IMT has entailed a clear focus on digitisation, as the business swells into new geographic regions and crucial renewable areas.

Part of the wider Probe Group Holdings, the Probe Mining Group was established in 1963 through a process of consolidating Probe’s mining-orientated businesses. Since 1969 Probe Integrated Mining Technologies (PIMT) has been the arm tasked with supplying a comprehensive range of premium products of all key OEM auto-electrical manufacturers for the heavy-duty automotive, mining and construction industries.

The Probe Group comprises four divisions of automotive, energy, industrial and mining, and each has a range of products pertaining to the mining industry which Probe IMT is positioned to deliver to clients. Currently around 30% of these are Probe products, with the remainder focused solutions for safety and productivity, including real-time monitoring, Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) and fleet management.

“We are part of the larger Probe Group, but we run independently,” clarifies CEO Gert J. Roselt, with Probe IMT’s more than 350 employees now operational from 20 locations across Southern Africa and revenues topping R900 million. “From coal to copper to platinum, we serve a wide range of Tier 1 to Tier 3 mines, with clients right from small contractor start-ups in the Northern
Cape to major multinational mining operations, across the continent and abroad.”


“We serve the agricultural industry and industrial sector with a range of solutions,” Roselt details of Probe IMT’s wide-reaching value-added and cost-saving services. “We sell a full solution, not just a product, and this requires constant maintenance and support which our expert teams are on hand to provide.”

At present, most widely deployed across customer operations from the vast Probe IMT range is its asset management systems, which are built to include the suite of real-time monitoring products and solutions, from a combination of leading local and global brands in M3SH and Wabtec. While more traditional offerings are still pivotal within the mining industry, Roselt agrees, there is one segment that is receiving particular attention and investment from this technological leader.

“Digital solutions incorporating real-time monitoring is the major growth area,” Roselt reveals. “Essentially, we are making traditional equipment smarter with technology; these days it is possible to have sensors on every type of asset in a mine – including people. We’re using live data to improve mining, and we share this with the University of Stellenbosch and the CSIR.”

“Our investment in new technologies delivers secure and out-of-the-box solutions, including uptime and remote monitoring, for a more efficient and accurate exploration of operations,” Roselt continues – “We capitalise on the potential of technologies, including the Internet of Things (IOT), big data and cloud computing to transform operations, better positioning mines to be able to address resource challenges and environmental pressures moving forward.

“Our intelligent systems combine technology, people, and processes to enable feedback loops,
defining an organisation’s competitiveness and ability to change the industry landscape. These technologies are not something that one can chop and change easily, so we find ourselves building truly long-term relationships – contracts exceeding 25 years, in some instances.”

An evolved mining organisation, focused on social, environmental, and economic sustainability guidance, Probe IMT also partners with the Mandela Mining Precinct on The Real-Time Information Management Systems (RTIMS) research programme, to improve data sourcing, transmission, storage, dissemination, and procedures for mines.

“We are clear about where we fit in the value chain, which is in the real-time monitoring space,” Roselt is keen to stress. “We provide and maintain the sensors, installation, cabling, and server integration to produce the right data for IT systems and Artificial Intelligence, ensuring system availability is 98% and above, so that the real-time information is accurate to facilitate decision-making.”


“We are working to improve traditional processes and equipment to make them smarter and have them running on cleaner energies,” says Roselt. “The right information translates into huge cost savings in a mine environment – a M3SH sensor on a machine picks up air quality, for instance, and decisions can be made to increase or reduce fan speed, saving power and securing carbon tax rebates while sensors monitor where people are and ensures that the lights are on only when needed.”

These efficiencies are paramount at a time when ESG pressure on mines has surely never been greater, and Roselt details what this means for Probe IMT’s diverse growth aspirations. “We are focused on making world-class renewable energy solutions accessible in Southern Africa, helping
mining and industrial users to revolutionise their energy sources,” he states.

“There is a huge need in the market for high quality yet affordable energy solutions, and with the strength and innovation of Probenergy behind us, we see growth opportunities in
providing smart renewable energy solutions for mining and other industrial sectors.”

As it multiplies the offering at its existing branches throughout Southern Africa, Roselt also clearly envisages significant expansion into new geographic regions for Probe IMT. “In Africa, we have offices in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia, and as we expand on the continent, we are determined to establish local offices and work with local partners”. An ITP agreement with Wabtec has opened avenues for Probe IMT to go into Europe right up to Finland while M3SH has provided a springboard for international expansion into Canada.

“Our business is all about solving challenges for mining operations, driving productivity and safety, and we are excited about future growth prospects. The Covid-19 pandemic has only escalated the uptake of electric vehicles and need for advanced batteries and energy storage, and the demand for minerals and commodities used in manufacturing is surging globally. Big global companies from Australia are setting up in Botswana, and in Kleinsee, eight new mining licences have just been granted for copper and gold.

“There is extensive investment underway which provides a growth opportunity fully aligned with our global growth strategy.”

Having been in the space for so many years, Probe IMT has exactly the experience and expertise to truly futureproof operations, growing market share in Southern Africa and continuing to expand through Africa while securing a strong foothold across Europe and Canada. “You must have the right quality as well as the latest technology, and the service and maintenance resources and expertise to back it up,” Roselt summarises.

“We’re focused on solving challenges the mining industry faces, through ensuring we access the best technologies and develop innovative solutions for Africa’s problems like energy security. We have earned a reputation in the industry that we will be there through thick and thin, doing our utmost to set customers up for success. We provide the best quality solutions and make sure that we grow with our customers, locally and internationally.”