Robust engines designed for high-demand industry and agriculture
French engine manufacturer Baudouin continues to have success throughout the African continent, especially with their high-performing and flexible Variable Speed (VS) engines, ideal for water pump applications across industries.
Part of the trusted PowerKit range, Baudouin’s VS engines draw their robustness, durability and easy maintenance from the company’s marine heritage, with each one perfected for a diverse range of industrial and agricultural uses. They can be used for most irrigation systems including the spray system, ground channel and drip type, and for drainage applications. They are also a brand of choice for harbor gantry cranes (RTGs), airport ground power units, food processing plants, and many more uses.

So what makes PowerKit Variable Speed different from other engines? Most importantly, is the capability for the user to manually adjust the engine’s RPM using simple mechanical governors. This means the user can choose a precise power output and optimized fuel efficiency for each specific application.
Every PowerKit VS engine offers reliable operation even in difficult environments, with simple, mechanical fuel injection. This makes for easy maintenance and servicing.

First launched in 2019, the VS engines have been a proven success. The range is available across five platforms, covering 30 to 370 kWm and optimized for use between 1400 to 2200 RPM.

Baudouin have also designed these engines with a high tolerance to varying fuel quality. This makes PowerKit VS engines a great choice for use in remote areas and are especially suited to many farming and rural environments here in Africa.

Over the life of every PowerKit engine, dependability is guaranteed by Baudouin’s strong European quality standards, robust components from world-leading manufacturers, and one of the best warranty programs in the industry. This gives real peace of mind with a best-in-class warranty of two years or 2500 working hours on all PowerKit VS units. This exceeds the top warranty offered by other VS engines on the market.

In addition, Baudouin offer comprehensive access to local service and support. This includes trained partners across the African continent. Such wide coverage ensures excellent lead times from Baudouin’s factory, and engines in stock locally, not to mention availability of genuine spare parts, shipping within 24 hours of order. This means clients can stay up and running, whatever challenges they may face.

The bottom line: PowerKit Variable Speed engines deliver agile solutions to support dynamic power requirements. And Baudouin have the reputation, quality products and after care that makes Variable Speed (VS) engines your ideal choice for water pumping applications.