They’ve been delivering the highest-quality engines for the African markets for over a century. And today, French engine manufacturer Moteurs Baudouin have solidified their presence throughout the African continent.
Famously trusted in extreme marine environments, Baudouin engines operate in some of the toughest conditions around the world, not just at sea but also on land. This makes them especially suited to the specific challenges demanded in Africa, from power generation to water pump applications.
Powering Africa for a century
Baudouin has been connected to Africa from day one. It was back in 1918 when the first-ever Baudouin engine powered a boat from the French coast to the shores of Algeria, over 750 kilometers away.
Ever since, Baudouin products have been utilized throughout the African continent, including applications in the harsh environment of the Sahara Desert. They are a well-recognized and well-respected brand for many African clients, who rely on these engines that are famously durable, robust and built with a trusted European mark of quality.

Today, the extensive Baudouin network of distributors stretches to a total of 35 African countries. Such wide coverage ensures excellent lead times from Baudouin’s factory, more engines in stock, not to mention availability of genuine spare parts, shipped within 24 hours of order. This means clients can stay up and running, whatever challenges they may face.
The flagship PowerKit range

Baudouin’s modern flagship range is made up of the PowerKit engines, first brought to market in 2017.
PowerKit engines have extended service intervals, easy servicing and maintenance, while their power density and low fuel consumption gives users a competitive edge and a low total cost of ownership.
Over the life of every PowerKit engine, dependability is guaranteed by Baudouin’s strong European quality standards, and robust components from world-leading manufacturers. These diesel engines are proven in the harsh operating environments often demanded in Africa, without any reduction of performance.
Best of all, they are supported by one of the best warranty programs on the market. PowerKit engines are backed by a two-year, unlimited hours warranty for prime power, four years, 800 hours for standby power, and two years, 2,500 working hours for variable speed.

Variable speed engines that really deliver
While there is a need in Africa for a huge range of engine types and uses, it is water pump applications that are in the greatest demand. For this, PowerKit variable speed (VS) is the answer.
These robust engines are suited to a wide range of industrial uses. By allowing adjustments in engine speed, PowerKit VS products enable precise power output and optimized fuel efficiency for applications ranging from critical firefighting, RTGs and GPUs, to agricultural irrigation equipment, motor pump sets and dredging pumps.

These diesel engines can be custom installed for a variety of applications, tailored to each use. This includes moving a centrifugal pump to supply clean water used for irrigation or firefighting. Or the pump can be directly flanged to the engine or by a cardan shaft.
They can be used to move a centrifugal pump to move slurry water for draining on construction sites, or to power a rotating machine by a flanged industrial clutch, often referred to as a power pack.
Another popular use is to install a clutch between the engine and pump, to stop the motion between the motor and the pump.
In all these uses, a variable speed engine is the only option. It allows the operator to modify the pump data, increasing or decreasing the engine speed using the manual speed regulator.
The PowerKit VS range

The PowerKit VS range is available in five variable speed engine platforms covering 20–290 kWm, optimized for use between 1500–2200 RPM. Each one offers reliable operation with simple, mechanical fuel injection for easy maintenance. Plus, their high tolerance to varying fuel quality makes them ideal for use in even the most remote areas. And once again, each unit is backed by that best-in-class warranty of two years, 2500 working hours, for total peace of mind.

These VS engines draw their robustness, durability and easy maintenance from Baudouin’s marine heritage. They have been perfected for a diverse range of applications. From high altitudes to hot and dry climates, PowerKit engines have proven their durability and reliability in every environment.
With a Baudouin VS engine, you can be assured of certified European quality and excellent total cost of ownership, Guaranteed.