Baudouin Solidifies Presence In Africa

For over 100 years, French engine manufacturer Moteurs Baudouin has delivered the highest-quality engines for the African markets.

Trusted in extreme marine environments, Baudouin engines operate in some of the toughest conditions around the world, both at sea and on land. Now, a recent power project in the Sahara Desert is further extending their reach across the continent.

Baudouin’s PowerKit range

Baudouin’s range of PowerKit products spans 18 – 3125 kVA, expanding to 4000 kVA 50Hz and 4125 kVA 60Hz by the end of 2021, with diesel and gas solutions available for prime (PRP), standby (ESP), continuous (COP), and data center power (DCP) ratings and variable speed engines for industrial and agricultural applications. This makes Baudouin PowerKit the most comprehensive range of power generation solutions available on the global market.

The hallmarks of the Baudouin PowerKit range are excellence in load acceptance and power density along with low fuel consumption, providing economies to the operators. In addition, PowerKit engines have extended service intervals and easy servicing and maintenance, while their power density and low fuel consumption gives PowerKit users a competitive edge and a low total cost of ownership.

Over the life of every PowerKit engine, dependability is guaranteed by Baudouin’s strong European quality standards, robust components from world-leading manufacturers, and one of the best warranty programs in the industry. The PowerKit engines are backed by a two-year, unlimited hours warranty for prime power, four years, 800 hours for standby power, and two years, 2,500 working hours for variable speed.

PowerKit units are also extremely flexible and adaptable to a range of uses, offer a standard cooling system capable of 50°C LAT, and a fuel system which has a high tolerance to varying fuel quality – all features which are uniquely suited to the operating environments in the African oil and gas industries.

The French connection

Baudouin has a long connection with Africa. Back in 1904, the first-ever Baudouin prototype engine was tested by sailing a canoe from the south of France, across the Mediterranean all the way to Algeria, over 750 kilometers away.

Now, a century later, Baudouin’s reputation for manufacturing durable, robust engines is why OEM’s around the world trust Baudouin for their prime movers.

Since the 1920’s, the company has supplied engines to North Africa and today, it is available across the continent, and is a well-recognized and well-respected brand for many African clients. Such wide coverage ensures excellent lead times from Baudouin’s factory, and engines in stock locally, not to mention availability of genuine spare parts, shipping within 24 hours of order. This means clients can stay up and running, whatever challenges they may face.

With nine R&D centers across the world, Baudouin is constantly improving and tailoring the range based on local customer and regulatory requirements, and combined with their expertise precision manufacturing, superior product quality and reliability, and expansive sales and service support, make them the ideal partner in the African power generation industry of today. With a culture of continuous improvement and growth, Baudouin is the ideal partner for tomorrow too.

Baudouin for the Sahara

Baudouin works with power generation professionals across the world, providing the key component to drive the success of their customers.  Recently, Baudouin supported a leading OEM in Greece who provides power generation solutions for oil and gas applications around the world.

Late in 2020, the OEM received a contract with a leading hydrocarbon group in Africa. The project scope was to provide a reliable power generation solution designed to operate under the harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert. The engines would be required to work as an essential backup power source, in an unforgiving environment where ambient temperatures can reach up to 55°C.

The plant which required the power is a central gas processing facility, and although it is connected to the mains power source, in case of an outage or other emergency, the power generators are required to step in and provide consistent power, keeping production running around the clock.

Naturally the PowerKit was the engine of choice due to its reliability, durability, and Baudouin’s strong presence in Africa. In addition, the customer understood that the PowerKit range could not only meet, but exceed the criteria required for these harsh desert conditions.

A unique power solution

The project required six Baudouin PowerKit diesel engines for the Sahara facility. Providing the power were three 12M26 engines rated at 1100 kVA, two 12M55 engines rated at 2300 kVA, and a further 12M55 engine rated at 2750 kVA, all designated for emergency standby power (ESP).

Due to the particular needs of the desert-based gas processing plant, a unique solution was required. The OEM created a bespoke installation, housing the six power generators in highly attenuated containers which allow no more than 82 dBA at one meter. The gensets are also equipped with electrical radiators and a pneumatic starting system, along with a fire detection and suppression system.

PowerKit engines have previously been installed with great success in a variety of applications, including remote mining sites, industrial processing plants, and rural micro-grids, and were easily adapted to operate in the arid conditions of this facility in the Sahara.

The PowerKit engines were installed late in 2020, and the final installation and commissioning process will be completed soon. Baudouin is proud to be an integral part of this project, and to continue their presence and growth in the African power generation market.