The decentralization of energy generation systems will be an inherent and important part of energy policy in the coming years. The generation of electrical energy by renewable energies will play a central role.

Germany headquartered VENSYS designs and manufactures multi-megawatt wind turbines that are installed all over the world. The company has now developed a versatile high-quality converter system that can be combined with wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, other energy sources and batteries in order to supply new island smart grids, existing grids or mechanical drive systems. The complete system is modular and easy to dimension, transport (containers) and maintain.

With the development of the CONBOX, VENSYS Energy AG has created the conditions for operating island networks in the future. Due to the modular structure of the entire system, different performance classes can thus be mapped and implemented, hence making great strides in the ability to install decentralized island networks.

The energy possibly generated from wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower and / or biomass is then connected to the “heart” of the system, the island inverter. The possibility to connect energy storage is guaranteed as modern inverters can do much more. In addition to the power conversion, you take care of very diverse tasks, from frequency maintenance and performance optimization to energy management.
With this development, VENSYS has taken a decisive step further in the process of installing decentralized island networks.

VENSYS is mainly active in Europe, with recent projects successfully implemented in Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Belarus, with business expansions in the USA as well as forecasted entry into the African renewable energy market.

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VENSYS is constantly monitoring framework conditions with a view to entering additional markets once important criteria have been met. In keeping with this approach, they have now erected a wind park in Ireland, right on schedule and of course complying with the demanding grid requirements there. At the same time pursuing new and improved technical solutions, with their design potential fully focused on the development of even bigger multi-megawatt wind turbines for international use.

‘We are also looking into developing self-sufficient energy systems such as our Offgrid-Hybrid system which consists of IGBT modules with an intelligent control unit. Paired with a wind turbine, a photovoltaic system, a storage device and possibly a diesel generator, energy can thus be supplied reliably even to the remotest corners of the globe, explained Sabrina Baumann, VENSYS Head of Marketing and Public Relations.

Furthermore, Sabrina expounded, our new product range – the VENSYS 115, 126 and 136 – which was offered for the first time at the Wind Energy Summit in Hamburg, generated a high level of interest.

As of February 2018, almost 18,000 turbines using VENSYS technology and featuring an output of roughly 32,000 MW were thus connected to the grid worldwide.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our stand number B4 at Africa’s largest solar conference and exhibition, The Solar Show Africa 2019, were we are proud to present, for the first time, the VENSYS CONBOX.