From design to implementation BBE can guide you in determining the optimum cooling infrastructure required to tackle the heat loads emanating from the combination of a hot climate, high virgin rock temperatures and ever-expanding fleets of mechanised equipment.

Using modern sophisticated software with full 3-D visualisation, existing and planned complex mine networks are modelled to allow the design team to first quantify the heat loads and their consequences and then to explore various cooling strategies to identify the best combination of building blocks that will satisfy the mine’s cooling requirements over the life-of-mine. And with the flexibility to accommodate the inevitable changes that will follow.

The building blocks for the systems are simple; refrigeration machines, air coolers, fans and pumps. However, the positioning and connectivity of the cooling networks is complex. The science of cooling now becomes an art.  How much cooling; how cold? what, where and when? Positional efficiencies, power costs for refrigeration and pumping, heat rejection strategies for underground equipment etc must all be considered.  Good modelling programs are powerful tools, but it’s how you use them that produce quality results.

Let the experts guide and assist you.